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Tourist Attraction at Nainital tour packages

Nainital touristThousands of tourists avail of a Nainital tour package to take advantage of the natural sights and commercial places in the nainital hill station. When visiting, tourists never fail to witness the elegance of Naini Lake. It is located in the middle of the city and has a very unique shape resembling an eye. There are different water activities available at the lake like boating, yachting and taking walks along the shores and resorts. The south end of the lake is referred to as Tallital, while the north end is referred to as Mallital. There is a bridge that links both banks of the lake, with a number of shops for visitors. Other lakes to see in Nainital include Bhimtal Lake and Nakuchia Lake. Nakuchia Lake also features a unique shape with nine corners. Boating and walking are great activities on the tranquil lake because not too many tourists at the moment flock to the area. Bhimtal Lake is the largest in the hill station and features a popular temple.

People getting a Nainital tour package should also take time to visit Naina Devi Temple to meditate and get in touch with the spiritual aspect of India. The temple features a number of events each year and is particularly dedicated to the goddess Naina. The temple was built during the fifteenth century and is one of the oldest in the country. The Zoo is another tourist attraction that features a variety of rare animals native to India and the Himalayas. It is now called the Govind-Ballabh,Pant-Altitude-Zoo and rests 2,100 meters above sea level. The Flatts is a frequently visited tourist spot that showcases different activities and sports. The land was flattened and named as such after the worst landslide in India happened. The Mall Road is the meeting point between the north and south sides of the lake. Getting a Nainital tour package should be planned carefully. The peak season is from May to June.

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